End of Days Fear Gossip

It is interesting to take a look at the fear being created in the world, not only by politicians, but also by ourselves. In the last few years I’ve seen hundreds of YouTube videos, and read tons of articles on these doomsday theories. Alien invasions, 2012 Doomsday, Brown dwarf stars, Polar shifts, super sun flares etc. I began to wonder, is it because we are just scared of the unknown, or is it a united feeling that something is looming or due? But I then ask; why does it always have to be so horrible? My best answer to this is that, because all of these things are unknown, we are naturally inclined to fear it; it is just one of the many survival tactics that define our primitive origins.

Diagram explaining the precession of a top.

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I am not implying that none of these things can happen; I think anything is possible, but I also think that most of these scenarios don’t necessarily have to end in death and destruction. The probability of something great happening is as much as something horrible happening. For example, if we take the 2012 doomsday scenario, the only real basis for any theory we have on this is that the Mayan calendar ends on the 21st of December 2012. We add into this that the calendar runs on a celestial cycle that runs every 26,000 years or so called the precession. With this we conclude that because it is the end of the Mayan calendar, meaning the end of an age, and a completion of a precession cycle, that something horrible must happen. But why can it not be something wonderful that occurs instead? If in fact true, moving into a new age should be something we look forward too, a chance to become better than we are today. We should not fear it, but in fact be happy that we get to experience it. And yes, with change there is sacrifice, but won’t it all be worth it in the end? I must be honest, even if something horrible happens in 2012, and we all die…I am still so happy that I got a chance to be there and see it (hopefully after death consciousness continues so I can remember what I saw).

Mayan calendar created by a modern craftsman

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I think it’s important before we jump to believing these stories that we must first look into the facts ourselves. And with events like 2012, the only best knowledge we might acquire to what in fact might happen is to dig and find information on what happened 26,000 years ago with the last precession, and the beginning of the Mayan calendar.

EV Lacertae

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I do in fact think that there are some horrible things that have a higher probability of being bad than having any good, and I think with this it is then important to be a bit weary. For example a major CMEfrom the sun destination earth, the damaging rays to our bodies will be least of our problems. Satellites will fry, electric grids will shut down causing power outages, loss of communication, which in turn will create complete chaos. People robbing stores, protests against government lack of support, fighting, over run hospitals and the list goes on and on. But this is more a social problem, as we have gotten so spoiled with our luxuries; we have gotten to a point not being able to live without. So in this case the CME wouldn’t be the problem, humans would be the ones to create the problem. 


In any case, it is important that we try to see the good as much as we look for the bad. It is not needed that we should be so negative about everything. We should not be naïve, no, but educated enough to see an events outcome from both sides. How could this go right, and how could this go wrong, and then ask why and how for both.





The 9/11 Influenza

Before you read my thoughts, I want to make some things clear. First of all, I obviously do not believe that the 9/11 event took place in the manner we are told to believe. I think that there are lots of inconsistencies, and I refuse to have anyone tell me this is how it is, while leaving open holes in between. Secondly, I do still keep those who died in the attack in my heart and give blessing to their families. They have nothing to do with this, and it is always a horrible thing when innocent people die, in any way or form.

So here we go…

9/11 Truth Movement demonstrator, Los Angeles.

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This year will be the tenth anniversary of the event known only by the date September 11th.  The name symbolizes a date, and this date has now become fixed to this event, and is no longer a date. When someone says; September 11th, one does not think about a day in the year but rather about the event.

The blaring of this event has been constant every year since its beginning. News agencies, television channels, and radio stations, all cut their normal broadcast every year to pay tribute to this day. To me it seems a bit odd, and quite frankly a bit overdone. This is the only event that receives this much attention, one would expect (if not from here) that we do this for ALL terrible events, like WWI and II, hurricane Katrina, the floods in Pakistan or any devastating world event, but we don’t. This is the only event that continues to haunt us (not by choice) every year on the same day. In all honesty this event did not affect the world, it affected one country, but the events that occurred after is what got the world involved. In any case I ask myself why do we continue to place so much attention on it, and will it ever end.

It seems to me that the only reason that this reminder is given to us over and over again every year about something that happened 10 years ago, is to make sure we the people will continue to approve of the steps being taken to rid the world of such terror. If you keep fear in the eyes of the masses, they will not try to question your actions; they will obey and do whatever is necessary to rid the world of this problem. Those who go to fight for your cause will feel that they are a part of something that will make their country (or world) better and those who would normally reject war would instead glory at the fact that someone is being punished for their act.

The Fear (The Twilight Zone)

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It has been recently announced that there is a heightened security threat in the US; someone will try to once again execute a terrorist act on the day of the 10th anniversary. I do not believe this to be true, I believe this is just another way to remind you that you are NOT safe, keep looking over your shoulder, and be suspicious of anything that occurs around you, basically to keep people fearful every day, every minute, and every hour. If I try to imagine that this new threat is in fact valid “but not confirmed”, why did they not make this announcement 10 years ago when they also had reasons to believe through investigations, that the September 11th attack would occur? Why now, but not then?

At this moment, they are all seen as heroes, trying to protect everyone from future attacks, but in fact they failed to stop the previous one. While allowing the first to happen, the events there after will always make it seem as if they are the saviors, the heroes, those who keep looking for these threats and those who will protect you from them. Some would argue, ‘well aren’t they?”. Let’s agree to disagree.

Headquarters of the NSA at Fort Meade, Maryland.

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Any person that receives your trust, and vote through methods of fear is not anyone I would call my hero. It is like, keeping a child in the basement for 20 years, and not allowing it to go outside, with claims that the world outside is full of monsters and murderers and if you go outside they will get you. That child would rely on you to protect it, and almost thanking you that you are keeping him inside, not knowing that outside is a wonderful place and they are being lied to. This is exactly the kind of fear enforcement being played every single day. People are scared of each other, scared to fly in airplanes, scared to go to public places, scared of other races, and scared of the unknown. But it creates a perfect situation for politicians to move forward with plans that would in normal circumstances be rejected; for example, the Patriot Act, and broadened powers of the NSA.

In conclusion, it is unnecessary that we must be reminded every year in such a large scale of the 9/11 event. It is a horrible thing yes, many people died, but many people also died in Pakistan’s floods, in the Indian Ocean tsunami, and the Chernobyl nuclear explosion. I am sure one would argue; the difference between these and 9/11 is the fact that people did this to other people, ok you have a point, but what about the Rwanda genocide, Armenian genocide? People did that to other people and my point here being it is always wrong when a person ends the life of another and even worst when it is many people. But we must not dwell on it we must see it as a lesson and try to improve our selves. Instead of instilling fear amongst the people to remind them of something terrible that happened, and it can happen again, why not try to bring some positive thought, thoughts of love and hope that we can be better people as a whole, instead of enforcing fear and prejudice amongst society.

Love Love Love

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An idea about Ghosts, Spooks, and Spirits

Now this is my crazy mind trying to find an answer for something that has none. I have no idea if this has been thought up by someone else already but i thought let me share it with you anyway.

It has always been a question if ghosts truly exist or not, if not then what is it that some of these people are seeing. I find it quite facinating, such an odd occurance, that doesn’t happen to everyone, but only some of us in some places. It makes me wonder more about why is it in some places, and why only with some people.

Ghosts ussually appear in old sites or buildings, also graveyards but i first wonder why only in some locations.

Here is what i think:

I don’t believe that ghosts are the “trapped” souls of people who are stuck between heaven and earth, who haven’t found “the light” yet. I don’t believe such a sofisticated thing (the soul) can make so many mistakes getting so many people stuck, there must be a fluid transition in this process.

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Why have we become so distant?

Why have we become so distant?

It sometimes saddens me to see how people are today. Sometimes when walking around i wonder how many people actually realize that we are on a planet floating in blackness around a star which we call the sun, and how many people actually understand that the sun is a star?

How can people live in a world that they don’t understand? At my work i sometimes go out on the balcony, and watch people walking, going to do their daily things. And i notice that 99 out of 100 don’t look up at the sky, and hardly look around them. They stare straight on fixed and focused on getting as quick as possible to their destination. If a Alien craft were to fly by silently, none of those people would notice a thing.

Then i see how distant we have become from ourselves, from each other, and from the things around us. How often can anyone say they went to take a walk through the trees, or observed the birds flying in the sky? We don’t have time for these things, our lives has been molded on time, and we don’t have enough of it.

Most lives are as the following: Wake up before 8am, work until 5pm. By the time you get home, cooked, ate, and cleaned up it’s already time for bed, then you wake up and do it all over again. But one could say “Hey stop complaining, we have weekends” But whats a weekend? It’s just 2 days to recover from the hard week, sometimes you find your self so tired, all you want to do is rest. Now i ask my self Why? What kind of life have we created for ourselves?

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Could the creation story of the Annunaki be in fact true?

To summarise for those who have not looked into the subject: The Annunaki is the name of the beings who came down from the sky and created man. They live on the planet Nibiru which shares an orbit with our sun, this planet has an orbit of 3600 years (earth years, as to them 1 orbit would be 1 year). Many years ago, their planets atmosphere began to weaken, and after trying many things to keep it stable nothing worked. They came to a conclusion that they can use gold in a fine form to float in the atmosphere creating a protective layer. Knowing the gold on their own planet was not sufficient they came to earth to harvest gold, knowing from their own ancient knowledge that earth had an abundance. Upon arrival they made a base, created the 6 days plus one rest day and began to harvest gold. The workers began to complain of the hard labour and the weird feelings they get from earths short orbit. The leaders then devised a plan to genetically manipulate the monkey like creature they found in the forests. The creatures

that were the end result was US!


Image of the top layers of the earth's atmosph...

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Now this is the story according to Sumerian belief of how man was created. But it isn’t as far fetched as it might seem. I think it is important to before making judgement, to first put your self in their shoes.

Our planet is dying, we are running out of an important material that without it everyone would perish. We have technology to travel to other planets, but not the technology to inhabit other planets, and from our many years of research of our own neighbour planets we know that there is one that has an abundance of this material that we need. One can see we would jump at this opportunity, we will do whatever we have to do to make sure we can survive. Upon arrival to this planet we build a base and a means of transport for the substance to quickly be shipped back to earth. While working we stumble upon a primitive creature, we think nothing of it and keep working. Soon after our workers begin to complain that it is difficult work, the orbit of the planet is making them sick, the workers begin to protest. At this point it seems we will loose this battle, no one is working, and the shipments of the important substance are not enough. Until one day someone decides to take this primitive creature they found in the wild, genetically manipulate it’s DNA enough so that it can understand and obey, but not rebel. To make it more comfortable to our selves we make it in an image of our selves. It takes a few tries as we have never done this before in this extent, but eventually the perfect slave is created. At home there are many who detest this action, and say we are not to play god. But here is little they can say because finally again the shipments are flowing in, and mankind will survive. Now, this all seems plausible doesn’t it?

In this case we would be the aliens, when we leave this planet after harvesting enough of the material, the creatures we have created would see us as gods, the ones who created us, the ones who taught us what we know. All we can do now is obey what they have told us, and hope for their return.