The Truth

With all the open questions in the world, it is not strange to wonder what actually is the truth.

Before any answers are told i think it’s important to first understand what one is asking, and if the answer is something that can be accepted. We live in a world that we don’t understand, but a world that is perfectly created for us not to want to understand. This is the most scary aspect of this all. Why aren’t more people asking questions?

Why are we here? Are we alone? Why is the world how it is? These questions boggle my mind, but boggle enough to keep looking for answers.

I think it is important for everyone to find a point in their understanding, and break off from everything you knew, and start again. Forget what you where taught in school, forget what you hear and read in the news. It is important for you as an individual to investigate and formulate your own answers.

A thought is what created the world as we know it today. A thought!!! So with this, a thought can never be wrong. The universe is filled with infinite possibilities, any logical answer to a question might be correct, until the truth is revealed.

With this i want to promote free, and individual thinking. Take the time and investigate the questions that boggle your mind. Do not trust others to do it for you.

And remember anything is possible, who are we to say it isn’t.

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Trying to understand the world

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