Ancient Knowledge Misunderstood

In every history book you can find amazing tales of people in the past, their mythical gods, and strange ceremonies. The image that we today have of these ancient civilizations to me is incorrect.

In my opinion it is important that we drop what we know, or think we know and really look at this once more. We seem to have this picture that ancient man was simple, un-educated, and just bushy hunter gatherers who one day decided to build a pyramid.

Why would ancient people who in my opinion seem to be wiser than we are today make up stories to just be stories? I am sure they also enjoyed the luxuries of theater and music, but as we do now, i think they would understand the difference.

We must see them as we see ourselves today, humans were always humans. Our brains today are the same as they were 8000 years ago. The only difference is, they understood how to live at one with the earth. They knew that the earth had everything they needed to survive. They also understood the natural balances around us, something that we today have lost. In my opinion this is one of the key points to label a civilization as intelligent. One who knows how to live with the planet it is on. Today we walk on this world without the slightest idea of its natural cycles, and harmonies. Some might debate that indeed we at this point are more advanced; “look at our technology” they will say. But then again for what purpose do we need all these things? It adds nothing to life; it’s all just a distraction (something that might also decide a civilizations status).

I think the most important question is: what happened to us? In the age of Sumer, Ancient Egypt, etc we were truly knowledgeable, we had great understanding of the skies, and earth, and made great achievements in technology. These understandings would carry on slightly through the Ancient Greek times. But what is strange is: how or why did we lose this information and understanding? If we look at it, through the years the amount of information being carried on seemed to be diminishing slowly until the big dip of the dark ages. We were living in huts with no sewage, it was a luxury to be able to read and write, or take a bath. We thought the world was flat while 5000 years before we knew otherwise, and even more amazing we knew the movements of the heavens and could track time through natural orders. How can one go from understanding time through the stars, knowing the world is round, and there are other stars and worlds out there, to thinking the world is flat and urinating in potty’s? It makes absolutely no sense; did we get hit by a stupid stick? THIS to me is the most important question. Not if “was ancient man as smart as some claim”, but what the hell happened to what we knew?

Ok, there are many things I can factor in to this that might be logical, Christianity being one. This new idea spread across Europe after the persecutions of Christians ended under the reign of Emperor Constantine (313AD). In the times following this, the Roman Empire fell in the 5th century, which led to the fall of the western Roman empire, which in turn led to the early middle ages (dark ages) 500-1000AD. This is only one idea but the basic idea here is that, things just seemed to go downhill from this point. Could it be something that happens all the time? Meaning, we once had much knowledge, and we lose it all and start over?

The Lost Kingdom of Mu, Yonaguni, Japan.

Image via Wikipedia

I truly believe that we go back longer than we think we do. The oldest known written records we have found at this point are cuneiform from Mesopotamia (30th century BC). The oldest known ruin that we know of is Gobekli Tepe in Turkey, which (at this point) dates to 11,000 years ago (9th millennium BC). But this is as far any history book will go, there are some things that are being left out, and to me they are the most important, and least studied. Ancient sites like the Yonaguni monument in Japan, which is a temple that is obviously man made. The debate is if it was entirely man made, or was it a natural structure that was modified by humans, which in any case would put it as, a monument that was touched by man. A few more: Bay of Cambay off the shores of India. Signs of an ancient city, there is a disputed piece of wood that was found and dated some ~8000BC, the dispute is that you cannot date the city by a piece of wood, but others say that because 20,000 years ago the Sea of Arabia was 100 meters lower than today, that any wood found would be remnants of ancient forests at that time. In any case there are tons of these underwater sites, the point is that our dating put modern man to some 10,000bc at the most, meanin

g that when man began to build vast cities, and learn agriculture after moving out of caves. But my point is, if these cities are under the water, did they build them under water? Or, where they built at a time when the sea levels were lower. I think the 2nd point makes the most sense. This would date all these sites around the time of the last ice age, which is estimated to be around 110,000 to 10,000 years ago. After this the ice melted and gave us the coast lines we have today. This can be quite damaging since our todays estimates place us “coming out of Africa” 70,000 to 50,000 years ago. (I will go through my thoughts on human evolution in another blog, also very interesting).

To conclude this long and drawn out story, and I hope you’ve all made it to this point. The history that we have been taught to learn might be a bit tainted. Many stones have been left unturned, and many questions unanswered. There is much information that we have sitting in our hands but we don’t seem to want to touch it. It is important to know who we are, to understand where we are going.


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