Ow How Primitive We Are

The lives that we live today, doesn’t leave much time for us to sit and think. We all have jobs that eat most of our daily energy, mentally and/or physically. By the time we get home and have dinner it’s already almost time to go back to bed, and lets not begin if your a family with children.

With technology such as television, radio, and internet the world has made things much easier for us. After working half to death we can simply switch on the television, and watch the stories of what you missed through the day, as the news. We switch on our computers and begin some kind of human interaction that we rather do than stepping outside with our neighbors. Some of us even turn on the computer and enter other realities in computer games.

Now one can argue that this is just the result of our technology, and lifestyles. But that doesn’t make it a right thing to do or way to be. Because of our lack of human interaction, interactions with nature, and even interaction with our selves, we begin to feel empty as if we are missing something. To fill this emptiness we go out and buy things to make our selves feel better, others drink, others do drugs. The hole that is within us cannot be filled with these material things, this is why some people get depressed. But the world has thought of a perfect cure for that as well, instead of trying to work on your problem, find who you are, and what makes you sad…let’s just prescribe you some drugs, that in turn would probably ruin your life more.

We create all these differences between one another, race, sex, country, and financial status. We make wars with those who are or think different than us. We are all humans living on a planet, but actually we don’t know how to live with each other. We reject the fact that we all bleed, we all have hopes, we all are made of  bone and flesh. Could it be human nature? Maybe, but that doesn’t mean that we cannot be better. We go to war with countries that have different ideas on how to run THEIR country, we go to war with people who have other idea’s about god. If you really sit and think about it, it really shows that we made no progress in our advancement from 1000 years ago. How childish and small we are to think the way we do. But honestly i cannot blame humanity as a whole, it is the things we see one the news, the things we hear on the radio, the things we read in the papers. These things manipulate our minds to think how “they” want us to think.

When a white child is set next to a black child, they don’t know they are any different. They both like to play with that toy, they both laugh at a parents funny face. To them the difference doesn’t matter. It is when we get older, and the differences are placed in our faces that we begin to dwell on these differences. Stereotypes, religion, and racial matters all play a big role in how we begin to see each other in a different light, and begin to split up in groups.

I don’t understand why we are how we are, why we cannot live together in peace to create a better world. In all honesty the only time this might happen is if we were to experience an alien invasion, in less than a second we would forget our differences and say “Hey” this is our planet, it is us and them. Of course we now create a new difference, but at least now we see our selves more as one. Because we know nothing more than our selves we will always find differences amongst each other.

We have to understand that just because Bob thinks differently that i do, doesn’t make Bob wrong. It means Bob has a different idea than i do, isn’t it his right? Just as it is my right to think how i think.

We also have this idea of thinking that we know all that is, and all that is what we know is correct. For example, we understand today that anything that has mass cannot travel faster than the speed of light. But how can we be so accurate on this assumption? 500 years ago we were so certain that the world was flat, and that we were the center of the solar system.

In my eyes we are babies in this vast amazing universe, and we don’t deserve to be a part of it in this state. If we cannot even live with each other as one race, how can we live with other races? But because of our arrogance we will think that we DESERVE to be apart of the universe. It is quiet funny actually how simple, and small minded humans are.

We’ve created borders around countries to make a statement that this is our country. Those who live within it are of that country, and those who enter are alien to that country. We call it patriotism, another way of being that just sets us apart from the rest of the world. Pride in ones country that they are better than the rest, but why? Is this not our world? You can see how silly this is. But one would argue, that to keep control of immigration one must set these rules in place. But why is this a problem? America is a country build on immigrants, and yet they have one of the tightest immigration laws. If all countries, made sure that they provided every need to their people, why would they feel the need to immigrate? Instead of investing to much money on immigration controls, spend it on helping other countries fix their infrastructure. Simple things that would make a difference.


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