Life Beyond this Rock

At this day and age we are slowly being groomed into the idea that life might actually exist outside our planet. Just 15 years ago this idea was a joke, just as 500 years ago the idea that the world was round. It is not such a difficult thing to believe, life on other planets are 100% possible, and my only proof is that WE are here, we exist

We seem to have this idea throughout history that we are special. At first we thought we are the center of the solar system, then we thought we are the center of the galaxy. Having found the true facts of this matter we slowly realize that we aren’t at all that special.

The Whirlpool Galaxy (Spiral Galaxy M51, NGC 5...

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Now is the time that we will slowly realize that we are not the only ones. Still to this day, this idea is a joke to some people, aliens, spaceships…humbug, this is impossible. To see how possible this is we must first understand how BIG the universe is.

If you were in a space ship that was facing our galaxy, every point of light you see is a star. There are approximately 100 billion stars in our galaxy, to make it to a scale more understandable, there are as much stars in our galaxy as all the grains of sand on our planet. Now, if you turn your ship facing the rest of space and looked out the window, every point of light at this angle are not stars, but in fact they are galaxies. There are 100’s of billions of galaxies with 100’s of billions of stars in each.

From what we understand today, most stars have planets revolving around them. Some have entire solar systems as we do. While looking at these numbers, and trying to think of the chance that life can exist on another planet isn’t all that bizarre. How life begins is a whole other question, be it god, or primordial soup it doesn’t really matter, what matter is, is that it starts.

The problem that we have today is that we assume that for any life to exist it must have earth like conditions, meaning a planet in a goldy locks zone, not too hot not too cold, and it would have to have liquid water. This is where we make a mistake, we take what we know (earth) and make a model of it, and assume that it would be the same everywhere else. The most contradicting evidence that proves this fact wrong is found funnily on earth itself. There are life forms on earth that live outside of this model we have created. They live in temperatures that we thought unbearable for life, in places that have no liquid water, or oxygen, and in some instances caves that have zero sunlight. So with this evidence life does not need the basic things we need to form. There might be planets with gasoline oceans, and Helium air and life could flourish on it. The main job of life is to strive and survive, things will adapt to make sure they can live on where they are.

Now when we can all settle with the fact, Yes, there is life beyond earth, the question then becomes; why haven’t we met anyone yet

Some argue that this might be because of the distances of space, the probability of another race getting to the technological point of being able to travel these distances, and even the argument of why would they.

My first response to this is, we cannot assume that it isn’t possible to travel vast distances in space. We already at this point have theories (like wormholes) that would make this possible. If there was a race even 10,000 years older than we are, that felt that they wanted to conquer space then there is no telling what they might have created for the job. Some might argue that there are limits to what man (aliens) can create and accomplish technologically. I disagree to this argument, i think that any race that is actively inventing, and creating new technologies are an imaginative race. They see problems in front of them, and actively come up with solutions that best fit the list of their needs. Meaning, a race will never stop invention, and creation to increase their technologies, as long as problems and questions remain.

Another response to this is, if looking at myself as an alien coming to earth; it would always be wiser to first sit and watch something that you’ve discovered rather than jumping in it without any idea of what it is, or might do. I think that any alien civilization that might visit earth would do just this, as I hope they would be intelligent enough. They would before engagement, just sit and watch what we do on a daily basis, how our civilization functions as a whole. But, if this has happened, why haven’t they made contact? Well, it is an easy thing to guess, who would want to make contact with us? We can’t even get along with each other, how will we get along with them. So I am sure they just put us on a list of habited planet, and zoom off far away from this crazy crazy race of things.

 We also add the fact that maybe before they even got to that point technologically, they probably killed themselves in some major war. But again we take what we know, and think everyone else is the same. It is not impossible that there is a race that knew no war, it is something that is alien to them. And the last question, why would they come here: I think that if there was a race that felt the need to build ships to travel t

o space, then they wouldn’t go just to float around, they would be going to explore, conquer, or make friends, which ever they intended. But then seeing how big space is, how would they find us? One might think we are quietly sitting here in the middle of a space jungle, but actually for many years we are giving signals that we are here. This would be one idea, but then again because we don’t know the true answer, any answer that the mind can imagine might in fact be correct. My favorite answer for this is, they always knew we were here, from the beginnings of beginnings, and this we can find back in man ancient civilizations (but this is another story).

We must though be careful with what we are doing. At this point we might be thinking a bit too naive that everyone out there wants to be our friends. I am sure that there are some that do, but I’m sure that there are also some that are born and bread to kill and eat. Right now we are sending out signals to every corner of the universe, “Hello can you hear us?”. It can be compared to a child using the internet, broadcasting her name, age and address. Now we all know what kind of people might come knocking at her door. This is something we must be careful about, and begin to rethink the strategy.

Everything is possible, until it is proven impossible.


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