Could the creation story of the Annunaki be in fact true?

To summarise for those who have not looked into the subject: The Annunaki is the name of the beings who came down from the sky and created man. They live on the planet Nibiru which shares an orbit with our sun, this planet has an orbit of 3600 years (earth years, as to them 1 orbit would be 1 year). Many years ago, their planets atmosphere began to weaken, and after trying many things to keep it stable nothing worked. They came to a conclusion that they can use gold in a fine form to float in the atmosphere creating a protective layer. Knowing the gold on their own planet was not sufficient they came to earth to harvest gold, knowing from their own ancient knowledge that earth had an abundance. Upon arrival they made a base, created the 6 days plus one rest day and began to harvest gold. The workers began to complain of the hard labour and the weird feelings they get from earths short orbit. The leaders then devised a plan to genetically manipulate the monkey like creature they found in the forests. The creatures

that were the end result was US!


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Now this is the story according to Sumerian belief of how man was created. But it isn’t as far fetched as it might seem. I think it is important to before making judgement, to first put your self in their shoes.

Our planet is dying, we are running out of an important material that without it everyone would perish. We have technology to travel to other planets, but not the technology to inhabit other planets, and from our many years of research of our own neighbour planets we know that there is one that has an abundance of this material that we need. One can see we would jump at this opportunity, we will do whatever we have to do to make sure we can survive. Upon arrival to this planet we build a base and a means of transport for the substance to quickly be shipped back to earth. While working we stumble upon a primitive creature, we think nothing of it and keep working. Soon after our workers begin to complain that it is difficult work, the orbit of the planet is making them sick, the workers begin to protest. At this point it seems we will loose this battle, no one is working, and the shipments of the important substance are not enough. Until one day someone decides to take this primitive creature they found in the wild, genetically manipulate it’s DNA enough so that it can understand and obey, but not rebel. To make it more comfortable to our selves we make it in an image of our selves. It takes a few tries as we have never done this before in this extent, but eventually the perfect slave is created. At home there are many who detest this action, and say we are not to play god. But here is little they can say because finally again the shipments are flowing in, and mankind will survive. Now, this all seems plausible doesn’t it?

In this case we would be the aliens, when we leave this planet after harvesting enough of the material, the creatures we have created would see us as gods, the ones who created us, the ones who taught us what we know. All we can do now is obey what they have told us, and hope for their return.


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