An idea about Ghosts, Spooks, and Spirits

Now this is my crazy mind trying to find an answer for something that has none. I have no idea if this has been thought up by someone else already but i thought let me share it with you anyway.

It has always been a question if ghosts truly exist or not, if not then what is it that some of these people are seeing. I find it quite facinating, such an odd occurance, that doesn’t happen to everyone, but only some of us in some places. It makes me wonder more about why is it in some places, and why only with some people.

Ghosts ussually appear in old sites or buildings, also graveyards but i first wonder why only in some locations.

Here is what i think:

I don’t believe that ghosts are the “trapped” souls of people who are stuck between heaven and earth, who haven’t found “the light” yet. I don’t believe such a sofisticated thing (the soul) can make so many mistakes getting so many people stuck, there must be a fluid transition in this process.

I look at it like this, if time was not one line of past, present, future, but multiple lines of past present future stacked neatly on one another, meaning that our NOW time might be ontop of someone elses now time, which for us would be 400 years ago. I don’t believe time just disipates off into the past, i believe that past time is still active after it has happened.

Now what if we add in the factor of the places. What if some places that are old, have some sort of energy, maybe due to all the things that happened there throughout time, whatever it may be, we add the factor that these old sites have a certain energy.

Now; using this energy, time creates a connection between the multiple time lines i mentioned above. Creating an opening between our NOW time, and someone elses NOW time in our past. That would explain why most ghost sightings are repititions of the same action of the person, that person (ghost) is just carrying on with his or her normal daily tasks.

I think here also the time limit of contact is small, thats why it’s never truly possible to watch a ghost do things for 20 minutes, it’s always short occurances. Like a hole opening in a cloud of smoke just enough to see whats on the other side.

So the person who we see as a ghost is infact just a view into another time. Those few seconds would show what that person was doing right at that time. This would also explain the residual hauntings, when the same thing keeps happeneing over and over. A woman walking accross the balcony crying for her baby. Maybe this is when the window to the other time opened at this point in this persons life, and it can only open at this point and this location. Meaning, you will only see the woman crying on the balcony, but in the bedroom you might see her brushing her hair 5 years in her future.

In this case i think it’s also important to turn things around. If the window is open is it a one way view? Or two ways? I think this is first of all up to the type of person viewing. Some windows might open and the ghost (in our case) might not have any idea we are there looking. But then another way around the ghost (in our case) might be sensitive enough to see that we are there. This would explain the fact of ghost communication, when things are asked to ghosts and questions are answered. But do they see us as the ghosts? I would think so, because if they saw us as future travelers, i think they would have documented that (people seeing future people), and we would find it.


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