Why have we become so distant?

Why have we become so distant?

It sometimes saddens me to see how people are today. Sometimes when walking around i wonder how many people actually realize that we are on a planet floating in blackness around a star which we call the sun, and how many people actually understand that the sun is a star?

How can people live in a world that they don’t understand? At my work i sometimes go out on the balcony, and watch people walking, going to do their daily things. And i notice that 99 out of 100 don’t look up at the sky, and hardly look around them. They stare straight on fixed and focused on getting as quick as possible to their destination. If a Alien craft were to fly by silently, none of those people would notice a thing.

Then i see how distant we have become from ourselves, from each other, and from the things around us. How often can anyone say they went to take a walk through the trees, or observed the birds flying in the sky? We don’t have time for these things, our lives has been molded on time, and we don’t have enough of it.

Most lives are as the following: Wake up before 8am, work until 5pm. By the time you get home, cooked, ate, and cleaned up it’s already time for bed, then you wake up and do it all over again. But one could say “Hey stop complaining, we have weekends” But whats a weekend? It’s just 2 days to recover from the hard week, sometimes you find your self so tired, all you want to do is rest. Now i ask my self Why? What kind of life have we created for ourselves?

Example of an American grocery store aisle.

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Is this the only way a civilized society can function? I like to think out the box and say no, just because this is the only way we know, doesn’t make it the only way!

And this is my explanation to Why we have become so distant, if one has no time for his self, how can he have time for others? How can he have time for nature? How can he have time to sit and oberve things?

Society has been set up so perfectly for this lack of time, grocery stores have already cooked food for us to eat, the news gives us their opinions on events that we’ve missed, and the internet gives us a sense of human interaction by chatting. It goes as far as giving us other reality worlds that we can partake in to escape the real world. All this that has been set up is a perfect way to keep us all content in how things are.

I don’t think that our natural human order is actually meant to be stretched in this manner. Because of the way we live, we have become unhealthy mentally and physically. We feel a hole in our lives, an emptiness that we try so desperately to fill. Some eat too much, some drink, some use drugs, and some keep buying themselves new things. And besides with all these commercials commanding you to buy buy buy, how could one not? People begin to be depressed, a feeling of “it’s just all getting to be too much”…but again, there is an answer to this, just take some of these pills and it will all go away. But these same pills will be the cause of many more problems.

We need to understand our selves, and our bodies. Once we can be one with our selves, we can be one with others, and we can be one with nature. It is a hard thing to choose, you want to be a part of society, but yet you don’t want to be a part of all these rules, and orders. You would much rather build a hut in a forest, don’t have to go to work, don’t have bills, or taxes, but yet you are alone. So what do you do? I think the best thing is to just accept it as it is, know that it isn’t right, and do not loose your self to think that it is all actually ok! We need to live in a society, so just deal with it as much as you can, and find small things in your free time that break you away from the norm.

Love life for what it is, not what it has become. Have fun, and just remember that life can be taken away from you in a second. So use your free time wisely and make the best you can of it. Keep laughing, and makes lots of jokes, it’s not only good for your spirit, it’s also good for stomach muscles. Like making your boyfriend carry your bag, then taking a picture of him when he doesn’t see you! Classic!


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