The 9/11 Influenza

Before you read my thoughts, I want to make some things clear. First of all, I obviously do not believe that the 9/11 event took place in the manner we are told to believe. I think that there are lots of inconsistencies, and I refuse to have anyone tell me this is how it is, while leaving open holes in between. Secondly, I do still keep those who died in the attack in my heart and give blessing to their families. They have nothing to do with this, and it is always a horrible thing when innocent people die, in any way or form.

So here we go…

9/11 Truth Movement demonstrator, Los Angeles.

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This year will be the tenth anniversary of the event known only by the date September 11th.  The name symbolizes a date, and this date has now become fixed to this event, and is no longer a date. When someone says; September 11th, one does not think about a day in the year but rather about the event.

The blaring of this event has been constant every year since its beginning. News agencies, television channels, and radio stations, all cut their normal broadcast every year to pay tribute to this day. To me it seems a bit odd, and quite frankly a bit overdone. This is the only event that receives this much attention, one would expect (if not from here) that we do this for ALL terrible events, like WWI and II, hurricane Katrina, the floods in Pakistan or any devastating world event, but we don’t. This is the only event that continues to haunt us (not by choice) every year on the same day. In all honesty this event did not affect the world, it affected one country, but the events that occurred after is what got the world involved. In any case I ask myself why do we continue to place so much attention on it, and will it ever end.

It seems to me that the only reason that this reminder is given to us over and over again every year about something that happened 10 years ago, is to make sure we the people will continue to approve of the steps being taken to rid the world of such terror. If you keep fear in the eyes of the masses, they will not try to question your actions; they will obey and do whatever is necessary to rid the world of this problem. Those who go to fight for your cause will feel that they are a part of something that will make their country (or world) better and those who would normally reject war would instead glory at the fact that someone is being punished for their act.

The Fear (The Twilight Zone)

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It has been recently announced that there is a heightened security threat in the US; someone will try to once again execute a terrorist act on the day of the 10th anniversary. I do not believe this to be true, I believe this is just another way to remind you that you are NOT safe, keep looking over your shoulder, and be suspicious of anything that occurs around you, basically to keep people fearful every day, every minute, and every hour. If I try to imagine that this new threat is in fact valid “but not confirmed”, why did they not make this announcement 10 years ago when they also had reasons to believe through investigations, that the September 11th attack would occur? Why now, but not then?

At this moment, they are all seen as heroes, trying to protect everyone from future attacks, but in fact they failed to stop the previous one. While allowing the first to happen, the events there after will always make it seem as if they are the saviors, the heroes, those who keep looking for these threats and those who will protect you from them. Some would argue, ‘well aren’t they?”. Let’s agree to disagree.

Headquarters of the NSA at Fort Meade, Maryland.

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Any person that receives your trust, and vote through methods of fear is not anyone I would call my hero. It is like, keeping a child in the basement for 20 years, and not allowing it to go outside, with claims that the world outside is full of monsters and murderers and if you go outside they will get you. That child would rely on you to protect it, and almost thanking you that you are keeping him inside, not knowing that outside is a wonderful place and they are being lied to. This is exactly the kind of fear enforcement being played every single day. People are scared of each other, scared to fly in airplanes, scared to go to public places, scared of other races, and scared of the unknown. But it creates a perfect situation for politicians to move forward with plans that would in normal circumstances be rejected; for example, the Patriot Act, and broadened powers of the NSA.

In conclusion, it is unnecessary that we must be reminded every year in such a large scale of the 9/11 event. It is a horrible thing yes, many people died, but many people also died in Pakistan’s floods, in the Indian Ocean tsunami, and the Chernobyl nuclear explosion. I am sure one would argue; the difference between these and 9/11 is the fact that people did this to other people, ok you have a point, but what about the Rwanda genocide, Armenian genocide? People did that to other people and my point here being it is always wrong when a person ends the life of another and even worst when it is many people. But we must not dwell on it we must see it as a lesson and try to improve our selves. Instead of instilling fear amongst the people to remind them of something terrible that happened, and it can happen again, why not try to bring some positive thought, thoughts of love and hope that we can be better people as a whole, instead of enforcing fear and prejudice amongst society.

Love Love Love

Image by Gregory Jordan via Flickr


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Trying to understand the world

One response to “The 9/11 Influenza”

  1. welk says :

    I agree….quite tired of the bullshit every year. I wonder why they dont do a memorial show on the families in Iraq whose kids are probably still traumatized and poeple who died from the bombs that were dropped on them. Dont they matter?
    I guess the blood of Americans is just a bit more red than anybody else’s

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