I find my self struggling trying to understand the world. I’ve spent the last five years doing much research on questions that i can find no answers too.

It all began with an obsession with Egyptian history. I found it amazing how man in the past could create such amazing structures. But as i continued to research, i ran into many open questions, and answers that didn’t make sense to me. This is what began my quest to solve the mysteries of the world. I am certain this will never happen, but i can’t bring my self to stop. Ancient Egypt led to Space, which led to Extraterrestrial possibilities, which in turn led to Sumer civilisation, and it goes on and on.

We live in this world, so many things in life we miss. I refuse to live in a world i don’t understand, and i refuse to accept it for how it is. I think if we try, and if we understand who we are, and why we are how we are, we could work to create a better world.

I am not trying to promote any idea’s, i am trying to promote thinking, and have you think with me. I don’t care if you disagree with me, and think i am strange, but if your idea makes more sense than mine then at least i got you thinking.

One question always open doors for 100 more.

I also hope to find people that think the same way i do, because honestly it’s hard to find anyone who thinks this deeply about subjects the world ignores.

I’m not a writer, and I’m not trying to be. I write in a manner that we are speaking face to face. No fancy words or long drawn out adjectives.

I thank you for reading.



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