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An idea about Ghosts, Spooks, and Spirits

Now this is my crazy mind trying to find an answer for something that has none. I have no idea if this has been thought up by someone else already but i thought let me share it with you anyway.

It has always been a question if ghosts truly exist or not, if not then what is it that some of these people are seeing. I find it quite facinating, such an odd occurance, that doesn’t happen to everyone, but only some of us in some places. It makes me wonder more about why is it in some places, and why only with some people.

Ghosts ussually appear in old sites or buildings, also graveyards but i first wonder why only in some locations.

Here is what i think:

I don’t believe that ghosts are the “trapped” souls of people who are stuck between heaven and earth, who haven’t found “the light” yet. I don’t believe such a sofisticated thing (the soul) can make so many mistakes getting so many people stuck, there must be a fluid transition in this process.

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