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End of Days Fear Gossip

It is interesting to take a look at the fear being created in the world, not only by politicians, but also by ourselves. In the last few years I’ve seen hundreds of YouTube videos, and read tons of articles on these doomsday theories. Alien invasions, 2012 Doomsday, Brown dwarf stars, Polar shifts, super sun flares etc. I began to wonder, is it because we are just scared of the unknown, or is it a united feeling that something is looming or due? But I then ask; why does it always have to be so horrible? My best answer to this is that, because all of these things are unknown, we are naturally inclined to fear it; it is just one of the many survival tactics that define our primitive origins.

Diagram explaining the precession of a top.

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I am not implying that none of these things can happen; I think anything is possible, but I also think that most of these scenarios don’t necessarily have to end in death and destruction. The probability of something great happening is as much as something horrible happening. For example, if we take the 2012 doomsday scenario, the only real basis for any theory we have on this is that the Mayan calendar ends on the 21st of December 2012. We add into this that the calendar runs on a celestial cycle that runs every 26,000 years or so called the precession. With this we conclude that because it is the end of the Mayan calendar, meaning the end of an age, and a completion of a precession cycle, that something horrible must happen. But why can it not be something wonderful that occurs instead? If in fact true, moving into a new age should be something we look forward too, a chance to become better than we are today. We should not fear it, but in fact be happy that we get to experience it. And yes, with change there is sacrifice, but won’t it all be worth it in the end? I must be honest, even if something horrible happens in 2012, and we all die…I am still so happy that I got a chance to be there and see it (hopefully after death consciousness continues so I can remember what I saw).

Mayan calendar created by a modern craftsman

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I think it’s important before we jump to believing these stories that we must first look into the facts ourselves. And with events like 2012, the only best knowledge we might acquire to what in fact might happen is to dig and find information on what happened 26,000 years ago with the last precession, and the beginning of the Mayan calendar.

EV Lacertae

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I do in fact think that there are some horrible things that have a higher probability of being bad than having any good, and I think with this it is then important to be a bit weary. For example a major CMEfrom the sun destination earth, the damaging rays to our bodies will be least of our problems. Satellites will fry, electric grids will shut down causing power outages, loss of communication, which in turn will create complete chaos. People robbing stores, protests against government lack of support, fighting, over run hospitals and the list goes on and on. But this is more a social problem, as we have gotten so spoiled with our luxuries; we have gotten to a point not being able to live without. So in this case the CME wouldn’t be the problem, humans would be the ones to create the problem. 


In any case, it is important that we try to see the good as much as we look for the bad. It is not needed that we should be so negative about everything. We should not be naïve, no, but educated enough to see an events outcome from both sides. How could this go right, and how could this go wrong, and then ask why and how for both.